Ortho Spine Conference

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With this conference we plan to bridge the gap between doctors and lawyers, and educate both as it relates to chronic pain syndromes, orthopedic & spine injuries and litigation. In two days, top tier lawyers and doctors will provide you with the tools needed to effectively communicate complex injuries in simple terms. This will not be like any conference that you have ever attended. We believe conferences should be fun and enjoyable for the family. Not only will you grow as a professional but there will be live music entertainment, fun for all ages and exceptional networking opportunities between the plaintiff bar, defense bar, and the medical field; this conference will have it all. Most importantly, you can feel good knowing that all proceeds will be donated to a non-profit charity. We will see you soon at the beautiful Omni La Costa Resort!

Law-Di-Gras Schedule

Time Session Speakers Venue
9:00am-9:10am Introductory Talks Pratik Shah Dr. Neville Alleyne Poinsettia 3
9:10am-10:00am Spine Injury 101 - Primer Robert T. Simon Dr. Fardad Mobin Dr. Sanjay Ghosh Dr. Neville Alleyne Poinsettia 3
10:10am-11:00am Mastering Spinal Injury 101 Bobby Saadian Tom Feher Aimee Kirby Poinsettia 1
10:10am-11:00am Ortho Injury 101 - Primer/Spine injury 101 - Primer John Gomez Dr. Donald Coburn Fithian Dr. Hank Chambers Dr. Robert Afra Poinsettia 3
11:10am-12:00am The Whole Truth - Understanding Pre-existing Injuries Bibi Fell John Gomez Poinsettia 1
11:10am-12:00pm Biomechanics - What You Need to Know Gene Vanderpol Jeremiah Lowe Dr. Donald Coburn Fithian Poinsettia 3
12:00pm-1:30pm Lunch Poinsettia 2 & 3
1:40am-2:30pm Case Structuring 101 Amy Martel Robert Hamparyan Poinsettia 1
1:40am-2:30pm Clinical and Radiological Evaluation in Determining  Preexisting v Acute Trauma Kevin Yoo Ross E. Schwartzberg, M.D. Poinsettia 3
2:40pm-3:30pm Building Value in Premises Liability Cases Ibiere Seck Robert Francavilla Poinsettia 1
2:40pm-3:30pm Conservative Modalities for Spine and Ortho Trauma Dr. Eric Korsh Dr. Robert Afra Poinsettia 3
3:40pm-4:30pm Sub Rosa - What to do with it? Mauro Fiore Nicole Whyte Poinsettia 1
3:40pm-4:30pm Pain Management for Spine Trauma Robert Francavilla Dr. Douglas Dobecki Dr. Anuj Gupta Poinsettia 3
4:40pm-5:30pm Upper Extremity Trauma Dave Fox Dr. Richard Brown Tal S. David M.D. Poinsettia 3
4:40pm-5:30pm Closing Argument and Empowering the Jury Lauri Brenner Mike Alder Poinsettia 1
5:30pm-10:30pm Happy Hour & Concert Series
Time Session Speakers Venue
9:30am-10:20am Surgical Indications for Cervical Spine Alan Brubaker Dr. Fardad Mobin Dr. Bill Tontz Jr. Poinsettia 3
9:30am-10:20am Navigating Jury Selection Chris Spagnoli Arash Homampour Poinsettia 1
10:30am-11:20am Surgical Indications for Lumbar Spine Sevy Fisher Dr. Sanjay Ghosh Dr. Eric Korsh Poinsettia 3
10:30am-11:20am Simplifying Complex Injuries Conal Doyle Pejman Ben Cohen Tom Feher Poinsettia 1
11:30am-12:20pm Lower Extremity Trauma Robert Hamparyan Dr. Michael P. Muldoon Dr. Donald Coburn Fithian Dr. Gregory Loren Poinsettia 3
11:30am-12:20pm The Art of Presenting Damages Dylan Dordick Gary Dordick Poinsettia 1
12:20pm-1:50pm Lunch Poinsettia 2 & 3
2:00pm-2:50pm Craniofacial and Torso Trauma Pratik Shah Dr. M.K. Batra,M.D., F.A.C.S Dr. Hank Chambers Poinsettia 3
2:10pm-3:00pm Presenting the Medical Story in Opening Sevy Fisher Deborah Chang Poinsettia 1
3:00pm-3:50pm CRPS 101 Chris Dolan Dr. Lara Edinger Bibi Fell Poinsettia 3
3:10pm-4:00pm Building Value in MVA Cases Munoz Pejman Ben Cohen Brett Schreiber Poinsettia 1
4:00pm-4:50pm Closing Session - Main Ballroom Robert T. Simon Arash Homampour Gary Dordick Chris Dolan Mike Alder John Gomez Poinsettia 1
4:40pm-5:30pm Happy Hour & Concert Series